Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chicken Cobb Salad


Chicken Cobb Salad

First thing you will need is a big bowl.
Lay your head of lettuce on the bottom of the bowl.
Then arrange the rest of the ingredients on top of the lettuce.

A head of your favorite lettuce (we like Romain Lettuce)
1 baked and chopped Chicken Breast
1 Chopped Avocado
1 chopped Tomato
1 can of chopped olives (optional)
1 cup of blue cheese (you can use whatever kind of cheese you want)
6 chopped cooked bacon
2 sliced hard boiled eggs

Then serve with some of your favorite salad dressing.

This can easily be divided and shared between 2 or three people.
You can easily add your own ingredients to this salad.

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